Board of Selectmen 5-13-20

Open Agenda

I. Call to Order 00:00:00

II. Minutes A) March 18th, 2020 00:01:52

II. B) April 1st, 2020 00:02:24

V. New Business A)Renew Union Street Lanes License 00:02:52

Vote to renew the Bowling Alley & Pool Table Licenses in the name of Union Street Lanes, LLC, 231 Union Street

V. B) Grant the Ambulance Abatements 00:03:53

Vote to Grant the Ambulance Abatements for the Quarter of January 1 to March 31, 2020

V. C) . Discuss Water Drainage Issues, 179 Pond St 00:06:42

V. D)Discuss Date and Location for Town Election 00:36:46

V. E) Participation Agreement & Bind Order 00:54:26

Vote to Authorize the Chairman to Execute a Participation Agreement & Bind Order with the Massachusetts Education and Government Association Property and Casualty Self-Insurance

V.F)Reschedule Town Meeting and Open/Close Warrant 00:57:13

Vote to Re-Schedule the Annual Town Meeting and the Open & Close of the Warrant

V. G) Vote to Accept a $4,275,000 Bond 01:01:24

a. Traffic Signals $ 390,000 b. Water Meters $ 615,000 c. Water $ 744,000 d. School $ 2,476,000 e. Dam $ 50,000

VI. Adjourn 01:26:59